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About us

Full Screen Games is a division of Full Screen Studio, a small independent animation studio based in Budapest, Hungary. Our services as a studio include animations for tv shows, events, projection mapping, opening title designs etc. – but as we are all gamers we always wanted to try out ourselves as gamedevs, putting an emphasis on what we are really good at: looks and atmosphere. We worked for more than a year on a Lovecraftian style 2.5D adventure game just to realize that it’s out of our reach just yet, we had to reevaluate our resources and possibilities and settle with a smaller but reasonable project and that’s Bugvasion TD.

Who we are

Demeter Lorant - CEO, Game director
Gábor Sz. Nagy - CEO, Producer
Ádám Ignácz - Lead Artist
Benjámin Sólyom-Tisza - Lead Developer

Our goals

First to make a game that's good.

Second to make another game that's also good.

We will take it from there.


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